Ariel Lewis


I’ve always had a passion for hair, growing up in Dominican Republic I learned all the basics by helping my mother’s hairstylist when ever she let me. I began my career at age 17 as a part-time assistant at a hair salon while attending the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school. Got my license in 2010 and ever since have worked in several hair salons gaining the experience to work with any type of hair (no exceptions!). While in school I spent most of my day creating updos and always knew I wanted to be a platform artist. What better platform than the room where the anticipation and excitement for a women’s big day is all you can breathe as they allow me to work my magic on their hair. I feel beyond blessed with every smile I get in return when they turn to the mirror and see the queen within them because hair is a women’s crown and my job is to straighten that crown to ease their day and remind them is their kingdom. From the trial day to your wedding day with all the love and care to be taken, I will assure that you’re not just getting another hairstyle but a beautiful experience.

“I met Ariel in 2014 while working at a hair salon in Columbia and I take pride in being her personal hairstylist.” - Danelcy