Ariel Lewis


Jodi started her makeup career while attending business school in 1999 as a cosmetic buyer for a major U.S. department store. While earning her degree in business and contemplating law school, Jodi began working as the counter manager for Lancome Cosmetics.

She is best known for her passion for COLOR! While many makeup artists get caught up in the natural and neutral tones so many clients ask for, Jodi has mastered the art of applying color in a bold, sexy and trendy way. Her fun and enthusiastic personality gives her the unique ability to relate to women of all ages. She has been an Airbrush makeup artist since 2009. She joined Ariel’s team of Airbrush makeup artists in 2011.

“The art of applying color in a bold, sexy, and trendy way” - Jodi
I choose Jodi to join my team because she has a talent for making color not so scary!

If you are looking for something to take you out of the neutral zone and into vintage, retro, or avant garde, Jodi is my girl for you! Trust me, when you’re in the hands of a true professional, color works and makes you wonder why you’ve never tried it before.