Ariel Lewis


Hair Stylist

Melinda began her career back in 2002 as an apprentice working at Signature salon in Ellicott City MD were she got her full license by 2004. She went right into bridal and event styling in and outside of the salon. By 2006 she obtained her Senior cosmetology license. Throughout her career she has helped hundreds of brides achieve the perfect hair style that speaks to their individual needs. Melinda’s work has been featured in national wedding blogs such as Green Wedding Shoes, and Her most recent wedding is also being submitted to the Knot Magazine 2013 addition. Ariel asked Melinda to join her team in 2011 after working a mutual wedding together. Since then they have combined their styles and passion to create the full Beauty Couture experience. Melinda is Ariel’s top stylist and is now in charge of hiring the hair experts for the team.

“I was inspired to become a stylist by the ability we have to transform a women’s entire look and demeanor by simply doing her hair in an exceptional way.” - Melinda
I chose Melinda to join me because her technique, styling ability and personality blew me away.

I had been on the look-out for the right person to join me for several months. While working weddings, I met several talented candidates. But Melinda stood apart from the rest. She has an amazing ability to listen to the client’s needs and achieve a look that remains soft and flows, yet holds in place for as long as my airbrush makeup can, which says a lot for hair!