Ariel Lewis


Makeup Artist

Forever a fan of playing ‘dress up,’ Samantha’s professional makeup career began back in 2009 as an artist for several theater and film productions around the Baltimore area. Having a background in stage and television makeup, her Avant Garde and whimsical style has played a part in various editorial photo shoots and performances. No matter the events (whether it be for a wedding, a vintage boudoir shoot, prom, or just a night out on the town), her beauty beliefs are constant: if you’re able to make someone feel dazzling and timeless, you’ve done your job. Makeup is fun! From glitter and rhinestones to a soft, porcelain doll finish, you can transform into anything your heart desires.

In 2012 Ariel and Samantha met through an actress they both know and consider a dear friend. Ariel was looking for a professional (traditional) makeup artist to personally train in Airbrush makeup. Someone who could come in without prior airbrushing experience and be molded into exactly what Ariel needed in a new artist. During 6 months of extensive training Ariel watched Samantha grow into an amazing Beauty Couture Specialist! Now armed with the knowledge and tools she needs to create flawless perfection, Samantha is booking events left and right.

“Makeup is fun! If you're able to make someone feel dazzling and timeless, you've done your job.” - Sammy
I choose Sammy to join my team because of her incredible eye for details.

She is a perfectionist much like myself. Sammy can create any look in the book when it comes to your eyes! I love that her kind and sweet personality make our clients feel like royalty.