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Ariel Lewis | Celebrity Makeup Artist | Bridal Beauty Guru

Over the course of her profession, Ariel has trained with some of the top celebrity makeup artists from around the world. She attributes her signature "timeless" style to some of her most influential tutors over the years. The list includes Bobbi Brown (of Bobbi Brown cosmetics), Eve Pearl (academy award winning makeup artist), Ojas Rajani (Bollywood celebrity makeup artist), and Gucci Westman (Natalie Portman's makeup artist). Ariel has been a makeup artist for over 10 years. She received her airbrush makeup training and certification from Temptu in Los Angeles in 2010.

“Airbrush Makeup By Ariel” officially launched in early 2011. Faster then she could have imagined, she became very high in demand. To meet the growing demands of her business Ariel decided to hire and train other Airbrush Makeup artists in her unique application techniques. She also brought on an amazing team of hairstylists to help her create a complete “Beauty Couture experience that is as unique as you are”.

Behind the makeup...

More about Ariel and her background

Ariel recalls being 16 the first time she had her makeup applied by a makeup artist at the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter at Nordstrom. She loved Bobbi Brown’s “natural & soft” makeup philosophy. She was determined then to become a “Bobbi Girl” just like the gorgeous artist at the counter. Little did she know that just a few years later, she would not only become a top selling Licensed Bobbi Brown Artist, but she would have the privilege of meeting Mrs. Bobbi Brown herself and training with her in N.Y.C.

Ariel trained with Bobbi Brown in 2004 while in college studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). After completing her training she wanted to become a full time makeup artist. Her parents strongly advised her against it and encouraged her to stay in school, reminding her that her soon-to-be profession was much more stable. Ariel listened and became an SLP. While she loved her job in the school system and found it very rewarding, something was missing. She never let go of her passion for makeup.

Over the years, she continued to apply makeup on anyone that she could get her hands on. It started small; doing wedding makeup for her co-workers, their daughters, and friends. She started giving private makeup lessons to teens and adults, applying makeup to local public figures, local newscasters, and donating her services at silent auctions. Before she knew it she had built up a large clientele in Baltimore and Washington D.C. area strictly by word of mouth.

In 2009, she told her husband Eric that she wanted to start her own business and quit her job as an SLP. With his support and encouragement, she spent the next two years researching and seeking out trainings with some of the top makeup artists in the industry determined to bring the latest and greatest techniques back to her growing clientele. Through the course of her training, she fell in love with Airbrush Makeup & Organic spray tanning, discovering that they are the two best kept secrets in Hollywood (responsible for giving red carpet celebrities that seemingly unattainable look).

Ariel never attended a formal beauty school. When asked why not?

"Most of the celebrity makeup artist I fell in love with never went to beauty school. They had this raw natural talent for their art and worked at mastering it through apprenticeships and lots of practice. I had already finished college and started my masters. I was still financially investing in a fantastic education (hello student loans!). When it came to makeup I wanted to hand pick my teachers. After meeting Bobbi Brown I knew I only wanted to learn from the cream of the crop. I am so grateful that I followed my intuition and trusted myself. Most of the artist I learned from no longer offer trainings. I feel so blessed I was able to learn from them what I did when I did. Today I LOVE and take a lot of pride in teaching other women what I am learning on this journey. My goal is to never stop learning and to never stop teaching."

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