Ariel Lewis



Sarah started her makeup career back in 2002 as an event makeup artist.
She began working for Chanel in 2004 and her talent quickly moved her up
to counter manager short after. From 2007-2009, Sarah was selected to
train with Toni Scaglione (Chanel’s top makeup artist in England). She then
had the privilege of training with Manuel Villegas from 2010-2011.
Throughout her makeup profession she had always known her passion was
not in selling a specific brand but in the art of making people look and feel
beautiful. Sarah discovered a passion for wedding makeup in 2009. She
soon realized that “the future of wedding makeup is all about Airbrush”. She
channeled her natural talents to learn the craft of Airbrushing. In 2010, Sarah
met Ariel at an event for wedding vendors at the Visionary Art Museum
in Baltimore. The two shared a passion for Airbrush Makeup and making
brides feel and look stunning on their Big Day. Sarah joined Ariel’s team as
one of her top artists in 2011.

“The future of wedding makeup is all about Airbrush” - Sarah
Sarah and I share a similar makeup philosophy and style.

She has a way of making everyone feel at ease. The number one reason I choose her for my team was her amazing talent for blending eye shadow
colors together. She can bring dimension to the simplest look with a few strokes of her brush.